A1 Curry / Spices Powder

Except Instant Curry Sauce, A1 company also developed and produced “A1 Mountain Globe Brand – A1 Brand Curry and spice powder, ie: “A1 Brand Meat Curry Powder, “A1 Brand Fish Curry Powder”, ” A1 Brand Turmeric Powder” and “A1Brand Chili Powder”. 

Many Malay and Indian compatriots in Malaysia are particularly prefer use curry powder, turmeric powder and chili powder. Most of them used to made their own taste of curry, fried chicken, fried fish, pastries and other cooking method.

A1 Mountain Globe Brand Curry and Spices products remain high quality and authentic Malaysian flavors. The Curry and Spice powder products made by selected spices and secret receipies and it is real excellent taste! The Curry and Spices powder is also one of the preferred and first choise brand for some food processing industries, catering and hotel chefs!

A1 Mountain Globe Brand Curry and Spice powder also can used to mixed as sauces, marinate raw ingredients, or used to cook a hot and spicy dishes!

Moreover, the Curry and Spices Powder have been awarded with the Certificate of Halal Authentication by Majlis Agama Islam, Pulau Pinang. It is very suitable for all race to use.

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A1 Brand Meat Curry Powder

A1 Brand Fish Curry Powder

A1 Brand Chili Powder

A1 Brand Turmeric Powder