Spicy Hot Strengthen Rrelationship  

Curry cooking will spice up the spicy taste yet it was a different scenario for A1 Best One founder, Mr.Lim Kia Joo where it remembered his mother.

Mr. Lim would like to invent a taste where to gather family members in this modern days.

A1 Best One founder, Mr.Lim would like to cook out a aromatic curry cooking which taste good, therefore the A1 Brand achieved.

How lucky to have a man who doesnĄ¯t know how to cook even to fry an egg, now can cook a tasty curry for the whole family.

Besides, Mr. Lim also launch a web portal to share the family happiness with A1 Brand Curry.

An envelope which contain three packets of A1 Instant Curry Sauce already in the market for those who donĄ¯t know how to cook but with A1 curry product, can be cooked to serve the entire family. Besides, the serving also been shown by the web to share with all nation.

In fact, A1 Brand curry is 100% Malaysian curry tasted A1 Best One.

Malaysia which has many races will interact each other for their food chain. Therefore, company invented A1 Best One for all Malaysian. Furthermore, A1 Brand product also been marketed outside Malaysia.


Tasty Dishes During Kids  

Mr. Lim Kia Joo tale by how he get the idea to invent A1 Brand curry product from A1 Best One Malaysia.

Mr. Lim comes from a poor family where his mother is a rubber trapper to support the family therefore she doesnĄ¯t has much time to cook. Eventough, his mother try to cook curry for her family.

During teenagers, Mr.Lim stayed in Lunas, Kedah where he helps his mother to buy sort of spices from Indian. From the spice his mother managed to cook a nice curry serving, which that remembered by Mr. Lim.

Besides, during school days, he did tried a tasty curry cooking from a Malay food stall nearly Lunas village. He tried to obtain the recipe but in vain.

Mr. Lim tried again and again to invent a spicy curry. Lastly , he met his wife ( Mdm.Ang Gaik Hong) who also interested and expert in cooking curry. With both together, they invented Chinese cooking which combine Malay and Indian favorite as A1 BEST ONE Malaysia curry.

The success of the business which came from the affection still stay as the curry cooking will gather the family fraternity.

Own Made Curry  

Mr. Lim success in this curry product manufacturer has his own story behind.

Experience as a dried prawn chili sauce seller, until he met a friend in Bukit Mertajam , Penang who gave him 2 packets of curry spice. After being tasted the goodness, he decided to involve in curry spice business.

Initially, Mr. Lim only managed to gather a few thousand Ringgit to buy a machine to manufacture curry sauce. Because of the shortage of machine, he only able to produce less than a hundred packets of curry sauce a day by selling through his motorbike in various locations.

During his earlier business, he canĄ¯t really get the capital back. By end of 90, he almost give up, then he met up with an old friend who is willing to provide financial support thus help him to start up again. With the new capital, he managed to manufacture the A1 Brand curry sauce. By the following year which his products managed to market into Singapore.

Mr. Lim did said, although the first booking was only 10 boxes ( about RM 800.00), it gives him a lot of courage subsequently , the curry sauce product get a lot of greetings from all over Malaysia, such as Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Johor.

Special Spice Product  

A1 Best One Food Industry Sdn.Bhd. which produced A1 instant curry sauce has three spices , A1 Instant Lamb and Chicken Curry , A1 Instant Seafood Curry Sauce and A1 Instant Rendang Curry Sauce for all type of cooking. Besides, A1 Best One Food Industry Sdn.Bhd. also manufacture spices powder product which was A1 Fish & Prawn Curry Powder, A1 Meat Curry Powder , A1 Chili Powder and A1 Turmeric Powder.

Besides, within this year, the company also produced A1Brand Ginseng Rou Ku Cha which easy to cook.

A1 Best One Food Industry Sdn.Bhd. and A1 Best One Food Marketing Sdn.Bhd. successfully marketed through Singapore, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand , Canada , China , Japan, Taiwan and others.

Mr. Lim added, this A1 Brand product will go into foreign market therefore this Malaysian product which has A1 Best One taste will taste by the whole world.